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Monday, December 14, 2009

A going away letter

Dear Devon: friend and future copy editor,
While in France:
-don't become gay
-be proud to be American, don't let anyone give you shit. You can remind them that we saved their asses in two world wars. There was no Vichy America. Subtly tell them that airplanes and cars and computers and electricity are rad. Thanks America. Also jeans were created here. Levi-Strauss was built on the backs of American miners. Justice and Phoenix sing in English.
-Meet lots of famous musicians. I f they need a bassist you have my number
-Be careful, i bet those frou frous put nuts in everything. Like a pussy ass garnish or some shit.
-Wine is also sorta gay. I saw you drink whiskey water like the righteous babe you are. Dont get that in to wine. just a little cause you are still a girl.
-Take cool pictures
-hook up with lots of british guys. They're straight. Their accent is cooler
-do great things.

I will miss you a bunch.
Love always joe

1 comment:

  1. i can't believe you posted this. you're ridiculous/great. i better come back to find you just the way you are. otherwise, there will be shit going down. IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY, MISTER DIFAZIO.