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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The way we get by

Don't drag me through the mud. Especially if you don't have to.

After working at a bagel shop I will never like cream cheese as much as I once did.
After hearing Love will tear us apart I will never hate New Wave.
After Seeing the pictures of will's foot I will always tuck and roll.
After seeing Requiem for a Dream I will never do heroin
After 2 mishaps , I will always have enough money if i go near New York.
After hours
After the fact
After playing Resident Evil I will always kill zombies with shotguns.
After discovering distortion I will always make feedback
After getting away with faking expertise, I will never be afraid to bullshit
After seeing too many craggely ass dudes with ponytails, I will never have a pony tail.
After seeing white people with dreads and that creepy dude at ERC I will never smoke enough weed for dreads to happen
After 3 great haircuts, I will always let my friends cut my hair.
After seeing girls walk around with heels and 0% pants factor in winter I will always know that biddies are also tough

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