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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Menu of The Leftover Edition 2

Check out to edition 2 of The Leftover. You may have noticed at this point that you can't share this website on Facebook. It has something to do with security, algorithms, and Mark Zuckerberg having an affinity  for Mount Rushmore and is pissed we don't like it. We're working on the issue and work arounds, so stay tuned.

 If you are interested in submitting or have questions please e-mail us at Also if you need life advice, Ken Durango will help you by answering your questions. Just shoot us an e-mail.

Finally, in case you missed it, we had some stuff going on over at our blog this week including a handwritten story by Liam O'Keefe.

 On The Menu This Week:
 + Blocked From Facebook - an article by Joe Difazio about our Facebook issue and its broader implications down the road.
 +Showcase of the Mortals - an article by Ken Durango about Wrestlemania. You may have noticed we are big wrestling fans.
 +I did a Reiki session - A narrative about Dennis Lynch's (fully clothed, very innocent) foray into asian massages
 +Valentine's Day 2014: Worcester - a piece about what taking your girlfriend to a monster truck rally on Valentine's Day is like by Devin Connor

 Thanks for reading,
 The Leftover

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