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Sunday, April 22, 2012


I'm sorry, WHAT!?
Now hold on, if you're the owner of this tattoo please read no further.

Ok. What in the holy hell for fuck's sake is wrong with you?
A. Matching tattoos never a good idea
B. Making your poor boyfriend/husband get a tramp stamp? You're going to emasculate a bro a like that?
C. Of all the quotes in the world you chose that one?  From this song by the band Spill Canvas " an American emo acoustic band from Sioux FallsSouth Dakota." (wikifuckingpedia rules) who fucking sucks?
D. Why is the C in could capitalized? It's in the middle of a sentence. Not to say that I'm the grammar police or anything but we're talking about a PERMANENT TATTOO. As in this is on your body till kingdom come unless you get it lasered. The only thing that will remove this abomination is LASERS.

You know why people have depression? It's because they spend to much time on facebook and see things like this. My afternoon was literally just ruined by this.

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