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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stay on Target

Unfortunately tattoos are one thing that should not be permanent. Having a starwars tattoo is fucking cool at 23. At the age of 47 though, I feel like having a TIE fighter pilot on your arm is kinda not as cool. I mean if it was like a 5 year commitment I would totally get a fuckin X-wing or some shit on my arm. There a very few tattoos that are good forever such as veterans with military/ America tattoos, classy-small four leafed clovers, tramp stamps, carefully thought out and respectful tattoos comemrating a dead friend-family member, you know shit like that.

I saw a couple who just went off to college get matching tattoos. This is a recipe for disaster. They both have a tattoo of half an Avocado( which is lame to begin with). One of them has an avocado half with the pit, and the other has the corresponding half where the pit fits. Well actually wait avocados don't have pits do they? I dunno , so either I'm retarded and its not really an avocado or avocados do have pits, or they are really retarded. Well you get the picture. Its gonna suck when they break up and they can't put thier dumb ass captain planet avacado rings together and form a happy couple.

Not to mention the guy has the female(receiver) end of the avocado-peach-pear-fuckin gay fruit basket whatever the fuck it is.

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