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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Philly is wicked sketchy

*These all look pretty fucking grainy to me. I was using a kind of  different crappier lens but, holy shit. Also the computer got wicked mad while downloading these. Hopefully the issues will get resolved. I debated posting these because of the grain. But what can you do. Hope you all still enjoy.

7 young dudes on a Friday night is probably the most business this bar has seen on a Friday night in a long time. The bartender did a lot of crazy shit to get us to stay. 

By Nick Moore

This was a basement show at a "gallery" with a "band". The gallery had no art to speak of and was just the front parlor of someone's house. The "band" had a non amplified key board and a bass guitar. Occasionally the bass was put down for a trumpet. I don't think the kid knew how to play either. There were drifters and rags and dreadlocks and "artists" and tea brewers and a masseuse. 
By Nick Petrosino

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