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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


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Saturday February 19th Interpol played the House of Blues in Boston. It was the last stop on a tour backing their recently released self-titled album. It is their fourth.

The show was sort of like when you see Santa Clause off-duty from Sears and realize he is not a happy grandfatherly type, but an over-weight alcoholic with ill-advised tattoos. Well, ok, it wasn't childhood ruining disillusionment but it was bad.

They started the show just after 9p.m. to a mixed crowd of well dressed 20somethings, drunk bros, and weird little asians. I'm not sure if it was Interpol or the House of Blues, but the mix in the crowd was bizarre.

They started off with "Success" of their newest album, but did not play much from it (Thank God the album was horrific.) They then played a botched version of "Say Hello To The Angels" (too fast and sort of cutesy) and stumbled through a wicked forgettable show.

The highlight of the show was the last song before the encore "PDA" from Turn On The Bright Lights. It was almost a joke like "Hey remember that perfect album we made? Ha ha that was funny." And that is the thing about Interpol. That first album was amazing, dark, hauntingly beautiful, interesting, reverby, marvelous. The follow up was decent. The follow up to that had some gems in the rough. And the newest album is just straight up bad. Alcoholic, shitty tattooed, diddled a child- Santa bad.

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