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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Fighter Review

(Image courtesy: Wikipedia)

Yes! Another Boston movie and it's good. Seriously.
Ok Marky Mark was serviceable. He pretty much played himself and realistically it coulda been any muscly bro who can drop Rs. And the story was good and deep, but pretty straight forward- no surprises.

The real magic was in the entire supporting cast and surprisingly the cinematography. Christian Bale did a stellar turn as "Dicky" Eklund the burned out brother to Mark Wahlberg's Micky Ward. Bale did a dead-on Boston accent for a Brit, too. Amy Adams did pretty well as the girlfriend (it was a slightly deeper role than Julie and Julia). She also got pretty naked, for no real reason, which was pretty cool. Micky's real trainer played himself, and Melissa Leo as the mom was hysterical.

In the beginning of the movie a lot of the shots used a hyper short depth of field, putting an intriguing focus on certain actors and their actions. The fight scenes were all shot to look like they did on HBO in the 90's creating a super realistic old time effect.

While a far-cry for best picture, I could see Bale and Leo as winning in supporting roles. I give the movie a "Wicked Fucking Pissah." Just kidding no one says that anymore in Boston.

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  1. I thought no one says "wicked pissah" anymore, but sure enough, it's live and well in Plymouth, MA