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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Prince Rama, Deakin, Kevin Wang & Throwed

Jamaica Plain (Boston) based band Prince Rama was absolutely stellar. Think of an organic, very tribal girl lead Animal Collective, and they use real instruments, as opposed to Animal Collective. The two girls (There is a male member who apparently was under arrest in New York) wildly chanted and moaned and shook. They took the Middle East by storm, and probably many more places soon with a national tour coming up.

Deakin ( of Animal Collective) made me want to die. The slow agonizing digital death shit was not music, it was the soundtrack to a k-hole. It was literally a man making really dumb and slow sounds with synthesizers.

I must hand it to Kevin Wang. He put on a pretty kick ass DJ set for a BU sophomore. Not too shabby for the little guy to DJ Throwed-an indie, sleazy, grindy, sweaty, dance party with go-go girls. Oh, and it was cowboy and Indian themed.


  1. Prince Rama was originally formed in Florida.

  2. Just stumbled across this post. Thanks for the kind words! - Kevin