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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The National Show Review

Wednesday night The National played the House of Blues Boston, backing their latest album, High Violet. Their set borrowed heavily from their fifth full length. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. High Violet is a gorgeous album of indie pop ballads, as a whole the record is quietly epic. Horns and strings swirl around the baritone of singer Matt Berninger crooning about depressing adult things. I didn’t expect it to translate live, and I was very very wrong. The National managed to capture the big sound they had on the record. They brought in a horn section to compliment their sweeping delay soaked guitars and addictive drum beats. The most entertaining part of the show was Matt Berninger as he alternated between sauntering around the stage with a large glass of wine and fidgeting excitedly somewhere between the microphone and the drums.

The older crowd was relatively dead, only lighting up when Berninger jumped off stage during the encore and ran all the way to the back the House of Blues, to the chagrin of the tech guy and the rest of the band. To my chagrin “Fake Empire” (The single off their last album Boxer, and Obama theme song) was off and bassist Scott Devendorf never took off his sunglasses, does he think he ‘s Corey Hart? Besides that The National killed it. After eleven years they have perfected a charming and gigantic live show.

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