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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Allston Rock City part 2

Last night I was stumbling home with my friends. My stomach was full of Asama Mediterranean grill and 4os duking it out for supremacy. I hear my name called from some balcony. I turn to see my drunken co-workers yelling from a balcony. I yell back some more as I walk away. Just some nice friendly interactions.

I turn my head. What asshole yelled this? Only one plausible response here. "YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP"

ffffew. And like a bat out a hell some crusty Allston hanger-on-er flies in to the street. I hear the clip clop of a girl running in sandals. The cracked out banshee comes right up to me. "What did you say?"

I cock my head. "Shut the Fuck up?"
Wham. Bitch socks me in the face. Then we awkwardly stand there for a minute. Cause like what's supposed to happen next?

My friend Will comes over to me, and the banshee screams "You tell your boy he just got socked in the face by a girl." Well duh banshee, anyone with one or two functioning eye balls could have determined that, plus i was the one who got hit so I extra know what happened. Then some dude from the house runs over and grabs her and drags her away. He knows very well that most would not hit banshee, but many would hit the nearest dude who is associated with said banshee.

Will- "Yo, you best keep your bitch on a leash."
Me- "You tell your cunt to to watch her fucking mouth." (This I regret saying. )
Will- "You can't let her drink that much dawg."

Allston isn't for kids.

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