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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Boston and Hip Hop

Boston and Hip Hop haven't really mixed all that well in the past. There are many scenes that have perpetrated Boston( Punk in the 80s-Ska in the early 90s-Hardcore and metal more recently- Then you had The Cars and Aerosmith and The Pixies along the way) but you never really think hip hop and Boston. The only real rapper from around here, Mr. Lif, left and that was like way back circa the mid 90s. Saturday Night over on Rugg Road there was hip hop show, with some of Boston's real small scene. And you know what, Good for them for trying to get it together.

(edit. Nick Moore reminds me that Edan is from Boston. He too is both real and good)
(edit. another side note: Aesop Rock went to Boston University)

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