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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This Gun is for hire

This morning I helped record an interview for my radio station, WTBU. It was with the worst talk show host ever, Jimmy Fallon. At some point the interview will be available here: It was cool, but his show is not at all good. I miss Conan.

I meat a homeless man the other day in a Convenience store. I didn't meet him but saw him per se. He had a gnarly beard and smelled funny. He comes up to me and growls "brother, were you born a different place? Ireland or Iceland perhaps? You look like you're from a different place." As I stand there in a Celtics shirt (I had just watched the game against the lakers), knock off tims and a hoody, I feel like I look like every "yeah dude" from the wastelands of Brighton to Slummaville. The only thing I'm missing is a red sox hat and a case of keystone. Also, the fact that my shirt said Boston was a dead give-away. But I didn't fault him, he was prolly crazy. "No, I'm not."

And Fuck you Celtics for losing so much lately. Boston has literally assembled a dream team. You have the young stand out guard Rondo, who is unreal, the big three, Pierce, Allen, Garnett, crazy Rasheed Wallace, and a pretty decent bench. I mean yes the team is old. And yes Garnett hasn't been Garnett lately. And yes sometimes Ray Ray can't shoot. That being said I still expect better.

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