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Sunday, December 20, 2009

They were running like mad men

1.Friday Night I went out and saw a Band called Baby Brainwaves. I want to avoid the easy reference but...they sounded like Animal Collective if they were around in the late sixties. They were a true Acid Rock band with modern convenience. The band had a drummer and a percussionist creating super intricate rhythms, there was two guitars cumming glam rock all over the dirty basement, and a synth that gave them a lot of depth and quirk. The sixties aspect was driven home by 2 or 3 part vocal harmonies that would pop in here and there. The Animal collective aspect was driven home by all sorts of yelps. The song themselves felt like a fucking acid trip. There was nothing to hold on to, even the bass would come in and drop out in waves. There were no riffs or choruses. It was a conglomeration of loosely held together parts in different time signatures and key. It went all over the place, even the kids changed instruments constantly to visually show the audio fluidity. Some of it was purposefully? atonal.
I usually hate this stuff, but they made it work. And it was fun as fuck. the recordings don't do it justice.

2. After this my friend got me to try and sneak in to a bar with him. I was bagged so bad. No harm done though, I just sorta left.

3. Saturday night I played a show with a local ska band just for fun . We were playing with the Allstonians which was pretty cool. They are a long-standing Boston-based ska band. These guys have been around forever and They are like a not as good version of The mighty mighty bosstones. They asked me to join their band actually. Although I was honored, I declined because who the fuck actually likes Ska? Not me.

4. Its fucking blizzarding out.

5. Vikesh Kapoor a local folk singer is releasing a 7 inch soon. He plays a very traditional style of folk . He is pretty good. I dunno Check it out. But before you do, How Does it Feel to be Without a home? Think about it. Think hard. ok now go listen. I hope you get it America.

6. An aside really. A tip i learned on Friday. If you are using a flash that is too bright you can use a dollar bill as a pretty good flash filter. It makes things a little green, but I hear art and shit is in or whatever.

7. Fuck it

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