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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rice Cookers

A Taxi driver hit me today. No broken bones and barely scraped my woes are few. I took off his side mirror though, a small revenge. I do have a Curt Schilling-esque blood spot on my jeans though, which is a little bad-ass.

There is a small Japanese restaurant on newbury street called Men-tei. I can't call Japanese food my go-to. Although I love it, I can not say it is my favorite either. I was raised in a pseudo-Italian extremely American household. My mother ,bless her soul for feeding three boys and a big mustachioed kid who brings the family money, can not cook. At all. She tries to spice it up, but for most of my life, dinner was some kind of blandy mcblandsauce pasta or chicken. Mustachio who bares an uncanny resemblance to Karl from Aqua teen hunger force is a great cook, but finds no pleasure in it.

Mustachio will eat anything and everything. I was once a picky eater but his philosophy rubbed off on me. He has been known to say "It all goes to the same place" and " a little mold won't kill you" and "if it doesn't smell rotten, it can't kill you " . I learned from him that if the meal did not cause you bodily harm you did ok for the day. I also learned from him that trees have feelings, the Chinese are responsible for any and every economic crisis, and that the best way to woo a lady is to stick your tongue at her. Once as a kid I woke up very early and walked in to the kitchen. And through bleary eyes, I saw the man that raised me in nothing but too small stained tighty whiteys ( he clocks in at about 300 lbs) at the dinner table look around and then dip cold pizza in cold chocolate sauce and eat it.

So asian food was never present in my life except take-out chinese on Christmas. It has come however, to hold a special comfort quality for me. Men-tei happens to be the place where I had my favorite first-date. I do really love asian food now. I will still choose a cheeseburger though, given the option.

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  1. "soul" is not spelled "sole" in that context.

    but in other news, another great entry.