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Monday, June 3, 2013

If the shirt fits - A small tale from Attleboro

He was standing in the sun of a 94 degree day and he looked dumb as hell. I pulled in to the gas station in to the Cumberland Farms on the corner of Country Street and Wall Street in Attleboro Center and saw this shitty Kia at a pump surrounded by cop cars . There were two cruisers: one blocking the front and one blocking the rear, two unmarked cop cars, and what looked like an off-duty sergeant or lieutenant. One cop stood next to the kid who's Kia it must have been, while two others searched his car. He had a friend/passenger who wasn’t immediately visible but was in the shadow of the canopy of the pumps near the rear of the car. An officer accompanied him as well.

The police were pulling piece after piece of paraphernalia out of this kid’s car. Bong, piece, bong, gravity bong, bong, scale, piece, grinder (accurate to me from my vantage point).  They even found a baggie that went directly in to the police officer’s back pocket (as a side note, I can not comment on what was in the baggie, but regardless that seems like a very poor way to collect evidence. I can’t imagine back pockets are CSI ( In Massachusetts it is actually the Crime Scene Services Section) approved). The cop searching the trunk found a suitcase and a blanket. 

The kid just watched all this with his hands behind his back. He wasn’t cuffed but looked like he was kind of ready to get cuffed. He at one point asked the officer if he could put the money he was holding in to his pocket leading me to believe the cops got there mid him trying to buy gas. He had messy blonde hair, white plugs in his ears, and a lip ring that glistened in the sun. His baseball hat was backwards. The look on his face was somewhere between bemused and trying to look tough, possibly baked out of his skull to high heaven, but that's merely conjecture. A tie-dye tank top with a cat on it hung from his shoulders. It read in big bold white letters “ I’m so fucking high right MEOW”

His friend was similarly dressed, but his tank top was striped. I’m not sure if he realized it or not, but if I was him I would’ve wished I had chosen a different shirt that day. 

[ This Occurred Friday May 31st around 4:25 PM. I haven’t found an updated police blotter, but will keep looking and post it] 

Photos by Micaela M. 
 photo IMG_5682_zpsbc2fa7bc.jpg  photo IMG_5685_zpse041728e.jpg

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