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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Karaoke at Cosmos Bar - Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA

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Playing it safe and singing"The 12 Days Of Christmas."
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Fun Fact: Karaoke isn't easy. Or flattering.

Also if it's your very first time don't dive in with David Bowie or Bruce Springsteen which might be obvious to everyone but me. Karaoke Bars generally have a weird, yet vast array of songs to choose from. If someone knows where I can talk to and also apply to the job for the Karaoke Song Book Keeper, please let me know. Question number one: Why is half of it in Wingdings? Question two: What is the choice process?  The Smiths: Nope. Korn: Yup. Christmas Carols: Of Course! Dragon Force: You betcha! Blink 182: Think Again.

And, whichever song you choose, as well as you think you know the words, when they start scrolling you come to the sickening realization you don't don't know the words all that well. Additionally Karaoke is expensive. Not the 4 minute choose your own adventure of embarrassment, which only costs a dollar, but the six dollar White Russians you have to pump into yourself just to walk up on that stage. To those people that can sing, or are really good at  swallowing their pride (Which I think is what Karaoke roughly translates to), my hat is off to you.

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