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Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Author My Own Disaster

About 4 years ago I started this blog after my car towed when I was in Allston in Boston. I had to call my Dad and tell him my car was towed by Robert's in Boston. My Dad happens to know Robert, but it was a little too late at night, and the friendship a little too distant.

 I called Robert's to find out about my car. It was there alright. I asked them where Robert's was, and they told me Gudislav Street in Brighton, or at least that's what the I interpreted the Russian accent on the other side of the phone as saying. I was on google maps while on the phone with them, and that street did not exist.

"Gudislav Street?" I asked.
"Gudinav" Was the garbled response. Didn't exist. "
"Gudinav?" I asked again
"GOODINUF" Was the increasingly agitated response. Still wasn't on the map.
"You Sure?" I knew they were sure, but I wanted to change the question up.
"Goodenough?" "
Yes " Click.

 Goodenough. My car was towed to Goodenough street. That's a really weird and somewhat insulting street name to have your car trapped on. But, I parked somewhere I shouldn't have. My Dad was bullshitted at me, despite his own spotty driving record. Having to call him meant a very painful swallowing of pride I hoped I would never have to do again. Four years later, it's November 2012, and I'm in Boston for work. I'm staying at my friend's house in Allston, not far from where I was four years ago. In the morning I walk out to his parking lot, and my car is gone, just gone. My heart sinks. Robert's towing got it. It's on Goodenough street. I have to call my Dad.

 Here's to four more years of pictures, stories, and creating disasters in my life.

Photobucket The Car Photobucket At The Tow Yard Photobucket At The Tow Yard 2

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