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Monday, August 20, 2012

Bus Coffee

Dear Homeless Man Selling Coffee Beans on the Bus,
Hi I'm Joe. I'd like to offer my services as a business consultant. You caught my eye with you acute business acumen. Selling coffee beans and coffee creamer together? Smart. I have some suggestions for your ultra mini pop-up.

1. You'll probably need some investors for a little capital. Having only one can of beans and one coffee creamer looks a little cheap. You're going to need some more product.

2. Your prices are a little...exorbitant. Five dollars for a that little thing of Folgers? That's like a 100% markup? A little aggressive.

3. The put out cigarette was a off putting.

4. You only started trying to sell two stops before the last stop. You are going to need a little more time to make your pitch. I understand you didn't know where you were because you asked the driver when the bus stopped, but we have to work on that. Knowing where you are at all times has a learning curve.

With my advertising skill and you innovation of the hyper mini bus coffee pop up shop, I think we'll make a killing.

I'll send along an invoice.


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