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Monday, January 23, 2012

Real Estate Review

Real Estate packed the Brighton Music Hall on Sunday, touring in support of their sophomore effortDays with The Babies and Cuffs enlisted as supporting acts. Despite the 11-degree weather, the show was sold out.

The New Jersey-based Real Estate has been gaining a lot of blogospheric momentum recently behind their jangly and smooth-rolling album, along with accompanying music video about obsessive fans for the single “Easy.”

Real Estate’s set was comprised evenly of tracks off Days and their self-titled debut album. While the layered sonic landscapes come out gorgeously on CD, their live show came off as monotonous. The songs seemed to melt into each other without respite. The music is pretty, but it doesn’t quite have the backbone to make too exhilarating of a live show. Unfortunately, the sound mix was a little off and the bass was too plucky, loud and distracting. Also distracting was how similar lead singer Martin Courtney resembles Napoleon Dynamite’s brother Kip; I half expected Lafawnduh to come up and kiss him after the show.

The highlight of the show came in the form of the standout track, “It’s Real,” from Days. The three part harmonies of the chorus floated perfectly over the Brighton Music Hall air. Another entrancing one was “Younger Than Yesterday” from the same album.

While their live set was disappointing, 2012 is going to be a big year for Real Estate. The crowded and dimly lit venue was filled with people bobbing and singing out the lyrics to every song. And with the rave reviews, anything is possible.

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