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Friday, December 16, 2011

Cut Tim Tebow Some Slack

No, he isn't the best quarterback.
No, he doesn't play conventionally.

But he is winning, and he really, really loves God. That's it. Cut him some slack.

In an era where we see a lot of players in sex scandals, drug scandals, weapons charges and everything else, why don't we celebrate him? There is apparently a lot of diddlin' going on in college sports (and side note, what the fuck is going on? Why is the diddling scene blowing up so hard? If you're a college coach you have eyes on you. Quit diddling kids. Why are there so many diddlers out there? cut it out, it's so fucked.).

Michael Vick is a running quarterback coming back from a dog fighting ring and he doesn't get the big to do Tebow does. Should we not celebrate this guy? An honest guy, who really loves god and is pretty ok at football. Perry used loving God in conjunction with homophobia; bad. Tebow loves God and football; good.

A succesful football player who isn't raping, shooting, and diddling. An....actually positive roll model for kids? Yes he is, and so what if he loves God? Most football players mention God in some capacity. But they also grope chicks (Big Ben), Leave the mother of their child (Brady), shoot themselves in the leg with an illegal gun ( Plaxico) and so on and so fourth.

Give him a break.

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