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Tuesday, November 8, 2011





I waited. I had suspicions, but I waited. I had to see it first hand before I judged. I waited and waited.

Occupy is stupid.

I went down there, and in the first five minutes I was asked if I wanted to buy weed or if I could bum out cigarettes. Is that enacting sweeping social change, by trying to sell me pot ? Will catchy slogans, infographics, and tweets topple a corporatocracy?

Just like our economic system is broken, Occupy is broken.

You don't park your battleship outside Boardwalk, cry for a while that the game is stupid, and expect to win Monopoly, or even in this case, force the Monopoly Banker to redistribute the bank. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, otherwise from sitting on the couch drinking beer and watching True Blood, I would've garnered much fame and fortune by now. Dreads do not equal democracy. You have to go out, get a suit, and make the change you want to see. Boston City Council elections were today, did all you who hash-tag occupy vote? That is a start to enacting the change you want to see.

No one gets anywhere by sitting, playing repeat after me, and taking quorums with jazz hands. Your signs are nice, but what are they doing? Does smelling bad in a tent really get that banker? There is a problem. Fix it. No crying, no not showering, no camping, fix it. Neo-conservatives got people into office with a dumb name (tea baggers. really? we let them fly?) and an even dumber rhetoric. I think this should get turned in to a legitimate political movement. People don't listen to tie-dye, they listen to suits. I'm really sorry. Life is hard.

Joe you're a conservative, a nazi, a monster!
Suck my dick. I'm making love in this club.

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