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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Children's Story

Here the monster comes again. It is a big-green-mean-ugly-hairy thing. It growls, and it snarls, and it spits, and it sneers. It eats your pop-tarts, snaps your guitar strings, rips your favorite shirts, and leaves the milk out. It's hard to do anything with this unwanted house guest. He comes and leaves when he wants to. Mom can't see him. Dad doesn't believe in him. My brothers and sisters are busy playing baseball. I've tried leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to the door, and he still won't leave. I tried calling my favorite friend, but she didn't answer. I tried riding my bike far away to a park, but he was there, sunbathing. I tried sneaking in and sipping my dad's whisky, but sadly, he didn't leave. He just got bigger and angrier. "Go Away!" I say to him but he just laughs and laughs.

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