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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Word On Osama

And very quickly, on the death of Osama. Really? How much money did we spend to waste this bro? Did anyone else pick up on the part where we lost a helicopter in the mission? To mechanical failure. What the Fuck America? This was like the biggest Call Of Duty/Rainbow 6 mission America has ever done in real life, and we lose a fucking helicopter to mechanical failure? No one thought maybe we should give this helicopter a once over, make sure everything works? We went in to kill a dude that the White House has had a collective wet dream about killing for 10 years. And we didn't check up on our helicopter.

And did we really need to celebrate so hard? I mean it doesn't really matter. Before they killed that bro, when was the last time you ever thought about him? He's been off the grid for so fucking long, occasionally dropping sound clips, but otherwise just diddling cave goats or something. Shit please, like you've been waiting in vain for some emaciated bearded bitch who is now just an image to die. Yeah, he was an evil motherfucker, but we don't just kill evil motherfuckers willy-nilly. This isn't all Texas.

Look, I get vindication for 9/11. Fine. But, Let's not be ridiculous. We were out in the street celebrating that we killed someone.