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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bozmo Single

Local band Bozmo has just released their single "Golden Feeling"/ "Milksnakes" in anticipation of their full-length album Hosanna In The Highest.

Is the album title a little sacrilegious? Yeah, but what can you do.

A side "Golden Feeling" is a gloriously messy low-fi pop gem. The lead guitar lick reminds you of your favorite summer days. It shines out, beautifully piercing, over a crunchy rhythm section. Lead-singer Bo Moore shows whips up his falsetto in a frenzied pop melody during the choruses.

B side "Milksnakes" is an energetic garage-punk romp, blasting a great sleazy lead lick over a fuzzy rhythm section again. The lead drops leaving just the rhythm and Bo starting the song off with the line "All of the crust punks have credit cards." Which kills me.

I feel like we have an awesome summer album on the way. Oh, and it's produced by Jeremy Mendicino, of another terrific Boston band: Pretty and Nice.

You can get both of these songs on their bandcamp.

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