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Saturday, February 26, 2011

This Makes Sense

So I have to be somewhere at 11am. Responsibly I get to the 57 bus stop half an hour early, giving my self loads of time to where I need to be. While I'm waiting I decide to get an Ice coffee. Hmm No Dunkin' Donuts around here, I guess this little asian tea place will have to do. Wow 4$ for an ice coffee little asian lady? This better be bucket-sized and taste like Jesus. I'm waiting there and she is like cooking shit, running a boba machine, doing like witchcraft and shit with roots and herbs, all sorts of tricks. A 57 whizzes by. Mother Fucker. Well I still got time so it's chill.

10 minutes go by. No joke. With all the witchcraft and roots, i'm expecting the fountain of youth in the holy grail. After asking me for the third time if I want cream and sugar i get a kiddy sized iced Americano (It's espresso and water not coffee, yeah I'm being picky but like I said 12 minutes of waiting is just enough time to start splitting hairs). Well shit better get going. Put in a straw, turn , sip, and another 57 goes by. Son of a bitch.

So now I'm jogging down the street with my overpriced mediocre shit to Packard's corner where you can catch a train or bus. I get there. And I wait, and I wait and I wait. A train comes! Ok 10 minutes, i'll be there right on time. Get on the train, go one stop, (which is one block) and the train decides it's going express downtown and past my stop. WHORES

Get off (to add cruel irony, in front of a Dunkin' Donuts) and look at my phone. 10:59....11:00. Shit I'm late. As this thought enter my head, the MBTA sends out the squadron. On the horizon I see two 57 busses and a train.


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