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Sunday, December 5, 2010


by some gutter punks is a scuffle on the street. Those motherfuckers smashed the mirror in the foyer of my friend's house.

I saw the wreckage and chased those upthepunx down the street. I was questioning them and grabbing collars. They all had the wide-eyed-Sid Vicious-wannabe look of I don't give a fuck. And were like so what? The problem was I do give a fuck. They kept asking if I was going to fight all 4 or 5 of them.

Yes. I don't know what part of my rage said I wouldn't take on all of their scrawny dumb asses.

The smallest and also mouthiest one, let's call him Napoleon, was the last one I grabbed. That's when they all converged on me. A couple punches and shoves and an annoying girl with ugly bangs and a really small septum piercing (you really couldn't get one bigger than just barely visible? Or is that for hiding it from mom?) kicking me and the scuffle was over. Broken up when a random black guy (True story- gave me daps and said "walk and talk we don't want the cops out here") and my girlfriend (sweet heart) brought their female leader and the punx scattered.


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  1. hell yea brah gimme daps doGGY!!!