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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rugg Road Show

“It’s a celebration of a family tree of music,” said Bo Moore at a warehouse show in Allston. He then quickly machine-gunned off all the people and bands and connections that this tree was made of, and it flew right over my head.

The warehouse is Bo’s practice space, his home, and his own personal venue. Last Friday it featured Bozmo, Rebels Eat Apples, Unsremarkable People, and Pretty and Nice. Bo played with all but one of those bands that night.

Bo’s band Bozmo opened the show up with their very first live performance ever. The sixties heavily influence the band; think early Beatles and Kinks without any of the doo-wah-doo cheesiness. Give that old-timey sound a bag of drugs and a distortion pedal and you have Bozmo. Their songs are quirky; Bo sings of ghost lovers and an apology for messing up his friend’s mushroom trip. There were some goofs, and trip-ups, but it was definitely entertaining.

New York based Unremarkable People followed Bozmo. And here I must diverge for a second. The room where all these bands were playing was tiny, probably the size of the back of a FedEx truck. Unsremarkable People filled the tiny space with 7 members, packing in like sardines all in the name of pop-ska-punk-sorta. They had a trumpet, and a tambourine, and the singer sang like he was in The Transplants or Rancid. Throw in a little Blink 182, and Bo Moore learning the songs as he was playing them and that was the set. It reminded me of why I used to like Blink 182, because it was fast and fun.

The highlight of the night was Rebels Eat Apples. The band is essentially one person known simply as Moy, or Matt Saporito, take your pick. Moy collected a rag-tag bunch for his set including again Bo, and Jeremy Mendicino (more on him in a second). Rebels Eat Apples is a loud, shouty, barrage of strange lo-fi pop. The band was sloppy and messy and drunk. Moy even forgot some lyrics, but was aided by the small crowd singing with him. It wasn’t the most sharpest set, but it was spectacular in its own chaos.

Back to Jeremy. He is one half of the front men of Pretty and Nice, and played with Bozmo and Rebels Eat Apples. He produced Rebels Eat Apples’ LP Body Popular, and is currently producing for Bozmo. Hopefully you are staring to see how convoluted this family tree is. Pretty and Nice closed out the night, arriving after they opened for Built to Spill at the Paradise. If you don’t know them yet, you don’t care about music in Boston. Their sound is idiosyncratic, their version of indie is so full of time changes, quick bursts of double time, snap drumbeats, and musical oddities that by the end of their set you feel like you’ve heard fifty songs.

If you’ve gotten this far, good for you. If you get anything out of this article it should be: don’t worry about their incestuous family tree, just check these bands out.

*If you didn’t like Blink 182 though, don’t bother with Unremarkable People. Middle school probably sucked for you. Bummer.


Bo Moore
Unremarkable People:

Rebels Eat Apples

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