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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Earthquake Party!

Earthquake Party! played last night at the Great Scott, opening up for You Can Be A Wesley's "7 inch" release. By 7 inch they mean they just released two new songs on the internet and you pay for the code and get posters.

I digress, Earthquake Party!
They are a three piece- keys, guitar, and drums with trade-off boy-girl singing. I hate to keep throwing around the word lo-fi, because what is lo-fi? What does it mean? It means low-fidelity describing what was essentially shitty recordings that have now become purposeful. It's raw and and scratchy, not cut and clean. At any rate, Earthquake Party!. I would with some hesitation go ahead and call them lo-fi.

See I just hate to throw the word around because it's sort of overused. ok ok, sorry, Earthquake Party!. Their drums were what really drove the band, they were simple and forceful and dancey. Without a bassist, they were what really drove you to move. There a lot of snare and bass. Slathered on top of that was heavy mucky buzzy guitar distortion. Justin Lally, the male half of the vocals sang in a high childy quintessential indie croon. He really nailed it. The keys just sort of filled it out, and the girl sang, but spent a lot of energies screaming. Not like sexy little yelps, but legit screaming. It wasn't all the time, but enough to keep you on your toes. They were fun, a Summery dazey, I wanna get stoned and dance fun. Just don't scream so much. It's killing my buzz.

oh and here Listen to EarthquakeParty!

and You Can Be A Wesley's latest.

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