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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh, The Mistakes You’ve made

Part 2:
Being a tourist to 5 a.m. land.

Somehow I got to 430 a.m., which by itself is an astounding little mistake. I was sitting on the front porch of my friends house while shitty dubstep was played by some nameless DJ in the basement when 3 Irishmen come up to house. "Hey buddy how's it going?" He sat down inbetween me and my friend and blurted out his life story in barely comprehensible brogue while eating drugs out of a bag. His 2 friends investigate said shitty dubstep.

aprox. 530 a.m.: Time for new cigarettes. The two friends return and it is decided cigarettes are to be acquired. As we stumble down the street, one of the Irishman needing to be propped up, we spy in the distance a paddy wagon. The Irishmen bolt- being full of drugs (in stomach and pocket). Me and my friend press on with the mission. A crazy old shoeless black man in an air force shirt about ten feet away from the cops yells at us, and tells us we are next in the paddy wagon and stares us down. Oh God this man is crazy. Cigarettes procured, Irishman gone, we are sitting inside the house smoking cigarettes.

600 a.m. Glassless glasses dubstep raver walks in the room we are sitting. "You trying to smoke a heady bowl?" He has 2 lip rings on the same side milimeters apart. His jeans are rolled up and attached to them is a glowstick. His shirt bares a panther. Apparently he came here to get his "nerdstep" on.

"You know my dad just died of lung cancer. Only smoked cigars for two years."
Oh really Dr. Nerdstep? You're sure those 2 years did it? Ok ok we feel bad, we put our cigatettes out.

" You trying to buy E?"
no. Double extra not from you.

"You can make a lotta money selling drugs. I Never have anything on me I introduce people to people and earn points you know? "

"I like worked 8 festivals this summer you know, i like clocked 1,100 miles this summer. You know why I'm smarter than you ? I didn't go to college. Don't got the money. Yeah but i do what i want, i like snuck into 8 festivals."
You are smarter than college?

" Yeah but you should really do what i do. Just introducing people to people. Earning points. Making those connections, being the man. You gotta secure you're part of the layer cake you know. It's easy you should try it some time."
I think I am dumber for having met you sir. I no longer feel bad about your dad, he obviously did a bang up job with you.

ok ok that wasn't nice, sorry.

700 a.m. pass out on friend's bed.