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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer NYC

This is a big ass graveyard.

Flying down some nameless street in Brooklyn. The bus-driver was this black lady with long bedazzled nails and sunglasses. "Oh Lord," she would yell as we whipped by other cars, or flew down the breakdown lane. "Move!" she would yell as cars or bikers that got in her way. "Toys 'R' US," she would yell, designating stops by the closest store. "Come on now, Get up," she would yell at passenger sittng in the handicapped zone when elderly got on. We were on our way to the beach, and because of her, we made great time.

We were on some abandoned army base that was also a beach. There was a bicycle gang there. Their women took off their tops. They all had lots of tattoos.

Sort of as a joke i jumped in on some photoshoot. There was all these tiny asian photographers running around with these giant expensive expensive cameras. I run over with my little 35mm and tower above the crowd of little guys and snap this shot. The Asian photographers gave me dirty dirty looks.

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