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Monday, May 3, 2010

Saratoga Springs

Instead of studying for finals, Me and 2 buddies went to Saratoga Springs, New York. It is a tiny shit hole sort of North of Albany. There is horse racing there, and they are very proud of it.
More important than horses and the tiny men who ride them, is a tiny liberal school called Skidmore. This was our second adventure there- and it was funny to see the people we know change. In a year- free love, nudity, and hippy-ism took over. Admittedly I hate stoners- they don't bathe- but i put my prejudices away for a few days. This place is a like 4 year hippy resort in the middle of the woods, and we decided to come up on their holiest of days- Fun Day.

We saw a lot of strange dancing, naked people, beer, and shiny-happy people. We jumped in their pond- We drank their beer- We drunkenly cooked their burgers- We saw their bands. Will took thier women.

When we were leaving, a jeep full of white kids with dreads, tie dye, bandannas, M.C. Hammer pants and probably fleas pulled up. They smelled like Human Filth. They had just come back from searching for crystals. Yeah, Crystals.

While away, a water pipe broke somewhere- starving Boston of Water. I am such a human- I don't generally drink too much water, but now that it is gone, I want all the water.

I can't believe there is no drinkable tap water in the city of Boston.

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