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Sunday, April 25, 2010

WTBU-Local Music

The Crowd

WTBU held its fundraiser show Sunday March 17th at the Great Scott. The concert showcased local talent and promoted WTBU. Five bands represented the flavor of local music scene and WTBU’s love for them.

The night started out with the band Turtle Ambulance, who is Jimmy Hughes and Grayson Murphy. The twosome uses a guitar and a labyrinth of synths and beat machines (labyrsynth?) to make warm quiet sonic songs. They create a sound reminiscent of an illegitimate son of Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend. The music lends itself to being played at a digital tropical tiki bar, wearing their African and Afro-Caribbean influences on their sleeves. The soft synths slide over pattering beat as Jimmy and Grayson sing sweetly in two part vocal harmonies.

Lord Jeff, a garage rock three piece, followed them. The songs were like what happens when three middle-schoolers who love their parent’s music form a band, and then stick it out for ten years. The bass lines came from the early sixties, and the guitar solos came from somewhere in the 80’s, with slammy upbeat drumming, and all covered in blues. They definitely kicked it old school.

Pitchfork darlings Dom hit the stage next. They mix guitars and digital landscapes to capitalize on all dance rock has to offer. They shoot their vocals through all kinds pedals and effects to make a creamy-thick falsetto. These dirty Worchester kids deserve the hype they get, making the crowd come alive with every punch of the snare.

The highlight of the night came next in Quilt. The only way to describe them is haunting beauty. Taylor Mcvay, Anna Rochinski, and Shane Butler melt droning three part vocal harmonies over reverbed out guitars, for slow grinding and downright eerie songs. They sound like a forgotten psych relic of the sixties, like a basement experiment of Timothy Leary gone oh so right.

The Show ended with Golden Girls. Like their name suggests, they are mired in 80s pop. This messy pop-punk explosion shoots guitars solos like Nikki Sixx shot-well whatever. Worchester breeds yet another fun dance indie rock band.

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