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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spirit In the Sky

Hokay so,

don't be a bible-beating asshole who tricks me in to talking religion with you. I don't care that you don't believe in evolution. Like whatever. If you want to personally believe that god is a cheeseburger that is fine,or don't believe in any God, whatever, just don't involve me. I consider myself religious, but i believe in evolution, and that Jesus prolly titty-fucked some babes back-stage at his live shows during his middle east tour. Am I a heathen? Maybe a little.

Whatever. These people tricked me and 2 of my friends in to talking God with them. We thought they wanted to talk about BU. Those bastards and their bible science. Wear a fucking suit like the god-damn honest Mormons and identify yourselves. That way I have the opportunity of snubbing you up-front and not having to listen to your brand of bullshit.

If I want knowledge, I will seek Knowledge.

Fuck it check out this guy:

(Side note: Like so many fucking people have covered this song. Here is the original)

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