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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Scruffy Liars

This weekend I went with my friends over to a Harvard finals club (frat) party.
They had fine leather couches, engravings, and a Buffalo head shot by Teddy Roosevelt. I felt like I was partying with history or some shit. I felt like a Class A scruff monster because I was rocking my "style jeans", a needham basketball t-shirt and a beanie. The Havahd kids looked like dads, collar shirts tucked in to dockers khakis. I'm glad I looked like an asshole in front of my future president and future bosses.

I hope they don't see this....prizes from the night (Sylvia/Sadie/and me) :
-A whiskey glass with their insignia on it
-A karaoke Mic
-40$ bottle of " water"
-Some kind of historical portrait
- A fake candle light

-Nothing. Not even a fancy lady.

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