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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reverse it

I think d.j.s are kinda dumb. When I saw Girl Talk once upon a year ago, it was cool because there was like tons of kids going apeshit and dancing a whole bunch. Was it a good performance ? fuck no. He plugged his computer in to speakers. He could've been e-mailing his mom essentially. What happened to Kids and guitars and fuckin blood?

If I hear one more college kid complain about fucking Scott Brown the new Senator from Massachusetts I'm going to gnaw my own ear off, dear GOd.I get it, I get it, all college kids are sweet democrats who smoke weed and are liberal and shit... I don't care. Do you think I want to listen to you bitch? Does Facebook wanna hear you bitch? You are covered under you parent's health care anyways and also sidenote MA has universal health care already. Side side note so if the Dem. lose their supa majority do you think the health care pass was gonna go through perfectly anyways? If you didn't want him you shoulda went out and voted.Were you to busy smoking pot ? I mean Martha Coakley was not that great a choice either. I kinda wish she was a hot babe because she was always on T.V. Brown is sort of a loser. I wish he was a hot babe too. Not that i'm either a democrat or republican, I just hate that people think I wanna hear them bitch.

At least the Celtics are Sick. That is one thing MA has to look forward to. And our eventual flooding when the globe warms up to fucking Microwave cooker status.

Fuck. Whatever.

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