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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Insufficient Funds

Command and Conquer is my anti-drug. Yep the computer game from the nineties is what i like to do when i get home from being out. No night cap stone, i enjoy playing world domination games. I play as the soviets and try to take over the world. Does this make me a fucking loser? yes. Will I be good at tactics when the revolution comes? Probably not. But it's fun as fuck.

And also, Dear state governments of the New England and Mid-Atlantic region, What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you really need to give me motherfucking tickets every 5 seconds? Parking ticket in the North End of Boston for a parking violation? (which was actually incorrect) And that other ticket i got in NYC for jumping the turnstiles when the machine was broken? And then you want me to pay for stamps so i can appeal? So you want 39 of my cents so i can get told by you that I'm wrong and need to pay you more.

I hate anarchists, because anarchy is stupid. But dudes stop tryin to hustle me? K Governor Deval PAtrick ? You know what's good right? The fucking hustle right?

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