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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fuck New York part 3

Actually nothing too bad happened.
That last picture is of Deyonce, he was my bus partner. He is in second grade and I taught him how to play chess.

The only bad thing that happened in New York happened about 20 minutes after my arrival. In the subway I hopped the turnstyles because the ticket machines were broken. This asshole "cop" comes up to me and writes me a fucking 100$ ticket, fuck that, Not paying it ,screw off.

That night we were at this place in Brooklyn called Trophy Bar. There was as an acoustic performance by this Band called the National Reserve. If they sound anything like their thrown together acoustic performance, they are a great band. They played a really folk version of Stone roses or whatever that song is by The Rolling Stones. Their singer was really gruff and powerful and spoke of drinking a lot in his songs. We were talking to him afterward and apparently he had some weed from Willy Nelson. Becase his dad is in his band or something. Then Sean ,that's his name, stumbled in to his van and almost got into an accident.

New Years was good i guess. One real highlight. The second party I was at, I walk in past the girls crying in the hallway and there is the apartment owner, a cute asian girl, holding a big fucking knife cleaving some bitch's wallet, money, credit card, and i.d. whoa. and there was a wolf at the party.

On Saturday I again was on a bus driving through grim weather, and as I saw bums fighting the cops outside South Station and heard the garbled announcement indicating that the red line had arrived to PAHHK (park) street i knew i was back home in Boston again.

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