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Thursday, November 26, 2009

squid babies

And the will is now.

Cigarettes mean so much more in the suburbs.

Well, some background. I've played bass for cuatro years, I started playing bass in my very first real band. I was playing guitar and I was pretty awful, so my friend matty taught me an instrument that had 2 less strings and didn't need chords. Fast forward 2 more bands, and i just started a fourth one sorta. We are kinda meandering around because asshole will broke his foot.

Well, the point. So, just to practice bass more I told this ska band i'd play this show with them, since they are sans a bassist. The band consists of: 2 skinheads, Somebody else's hot wife, and some nerd-bag. I don't really like ska.

And why the fuck are there still skinheads? They are really nice... but what the fuck is wrong with them? The girl (the wife thing might be a lie, but she has kids so i assumed you know? and she is young but she looks damn good for popping out two little motherfuckers. IS it cool for those kids (who are like 3) to have a mom in a ska band? I saw her smoke weed. I saw someone else's mom smoke weed. I want to find those kids in like 11 years and tell them) convinced me to do it so i feel a little dooped. because i don't like skinheads.